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Introduction to the enterprise

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Introduction to the enterprise

Introduction to the enterpriseCOMPANY PROFILE

Anhui commanding, machine tool co., LTD. Is a professional committed to the sheet metal processing equipment and solutions for users in the world of the joint-stock enterprises。Subsidiaries have anhui emblem forging CNC machine tool technology co., LTD。Alternaria alternata hydraulic punching and shearing machine after years of rapid development,Leung machine has grown into leadership and a well-known brand in the field of forging machine of sheet metal processing equipment manufacturers,Shear is China forging machinery field、Bending、Punching shear of large equipment、Professional manufacturers,Is maanshan shear folding machine tool production base of outstanding enterprises,Is the collection research and development、Production、Sales of special processing equipment professional manufacturers。...

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    Anhui commanding, machine tool co., LTD

    Contacts:Manager Chen

    The phone:0555-6974567  


    Address:Area in anhui province maanshan bo hope city industrial park

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